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Is there someone you should visit today?


Do you wish you could visit a loved one?


With a variety of features and options, at a very affordable price, ReelVisits is the perfect solution for letting a Loved One know you care.


  • Human Interaction

    ReelVisits is about the warmth of person-to-person contact. People love getting visits and developing relationships. They look forward to every visit!

  • Customizable Message and Conversations

    Our ReelVisitors are trained to interview your Loved One. If you have specific questions or topics, your ReelVisitor will include them in the conversation.

  • Quality of Life

    Being visited by someone who is happy and upbeat tends to spread that happiness. Studies have shown that people living alone enjoy a better quality of life with regular visits.

  • See Video Clips Anytime

    ReelVisitors upload video clips from ReelVisits to your Family Tree web site. You can see your Loved One's personality shining through each story from anywhere in the world!

  • Archived Videos of Every Visit

    Over time you will build a collection of professionally produced memories of your Loved One that you and family members can revisit any time for decades to come.




Send a ReelVisitor today.