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Modern Families Need Reelvisits

Mike ConwayMike Conway, the founder of ReelVisits, practiced law for over 35 years and often visited hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, assisted living facilities and homes of clients who were isolated from family, friends and the activities they loved to do. He was as frustrated as his clients were with their loneliness and lack of contact with family and friends. He was determined to make evolving technology available to people who were not able to access it on their own, and that’s why he started ReelVisits.

ReelVisits is a network of prople people, who meet with Members to access technology, make video and audio recordings of Members' stories, and makes those stories available to their family, wherever they may be and whenever they want. Communication services provided by ReelVisits are not dependent on any particular technology, but as technology evolves, our Directors' services will also evolve.